finding gratitude edition

Not only does gratitude go along with more optimism, less anxiety and depression, and greater goal attainment, but it’s also associated with fewer symptoms of illness and other physical benefits.

Christina Karns


The year 2020 hasn’t been one to remember – in fact, for a lot of people it has been an outright nightmare. The pandemic, along with political turmoil and social unrest, has brought anxiety, heartbreak, righteous anger, and discord to many. Amid such suffering, people need some joy.

Angela Gorrell


Thanksgiving presents us with an opportunity to develop one of the healthiest, most life-affirming and convivial of all habits – that of counting and rejoicing in our blessings.

Richard Gunderman


Being thankful for food is the simplest foundation of gratitude, but many of us have different reasons to be grateful for our food. Food tells a personal story and brings back memories that connect us. We’ve compiled a variety of classic, yet worldly dishes here for you to add to your holiday menu.

Candace Mattingly


Holiday Supply List
Magnolia Leaves
Natural Twine
Cinnamon Sticks
Fresh Rosemary
Pine Cones
Green Ribbon

Holiday Decorating
 Like a Pro
by Kinwoven - Robeson Design
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you put up your Christmas Tree
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