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Founded in 2010, The Mill Magazine boldly showcases localism, community building ideas, and modern ways to recapture an ideal American lifestyle. Highlighting local, independently-owned businesses alongside forward-thinking feature articles on self-improvement, lifestyle, culture, and provisions for the local influencer, The Mill Magazine – Carolina Piedmont, distributes to York County, South Carolina and Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

"The Mill Magazine is a stand-out publication like no other in the greater Charlotte market."  - Cindy W., Tega Cay Resident

Each edition celebrates the local entrepreneur in an award-winning print, digital, and curated online publication, plus social media.

"With amazing photography, well-written articles, and ads that feature local small businesses,

The Mill Magazine drives the localist movement in this town."  - Kaitlyn B., Charlotte (Plaza Midwood) Resident 



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What is Localism?

Localism is more than buying local. It is encouraging local businesses to grow deep. That means sourcing locally within the community’s supply chain.

For every $1 you spend at a national chain, 87 cents goes to a corporate office that has zero interest in our community. Buying local means that for every $1 spent, 45 cents stays in the community. Where as that same $1 spent in a community that has grown deep through localism keeps 75 cents.

Localism, supports your neighbors and keeps the community prosperous.

Why do you focus on Localism?

We strongly believe that communities need to insulate themselves from the economic roller coaster of the nation. The best way to do that is to become self-reliant and economically independent. Becoming self-reliant and economically independent starts with you and your purchasing power. Read The Mill Magazine, research online, get involved with community events, spread the word about localism, and buy from local businesses.

We can’t change who we are overnight, but we can change our buying habits one day, one week, and one month at a time. If you believe that your town is amazing — or can be amazing, now is the time to act.

National chains and conglomerates are gobbling up small town America at an impressive rate. Before the 1980s, every small town had its own charm. Thirty years later, the majority of towns in America look similar — clone towns.

We want that small town charm back. We want people to earn what they are worth. We want to ensure families have more time together. We want to buy from people we know and not some faceless body sitting in a CEO chair in some major city.

We hope to inspire neighbors to come together to create vibrant, prosperous communities that can stand on their own when big industry leaves town.

"Love, love, love The Mill Magazine! Every cover, so artfully done​, I collect them."  - Natalie H., Charlotte (South End) Resident

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