Join our team of Editors


Recruits local businesses
The Editor sets up meetings and recruits unique small businesses to join The Mill Magazine's curated publication of local exchange partners. Sales is a significant portion of the Editor opportunity. 

Attends photoshoots
The Editor collaborates with a local photographer and the client to create beautiful, storytelling images for TMM's exclusive use.

Manages production
The Editor works closely with our in-house design team to share concepts and feedback from clients to produce a collection of storytelling ads.

Distributes the magazine
The Editor ensures that each edition of TMM is distributed to strategic locations throughout the market to promote brand awareness and drive traffic to our clients. 

Promotes the brand
The Editor advocates localism and promotes our small business clients by creating original content for our site and sharing on our social media channels.

Lives local
The Editor is deeply rooted in the community, sharing the localist movement, and makes it their business to invest in other local businesses.

We'd love to meet you

If you live in the Charlotte, Asheville, or Wilmington, NC area, let's talk!              Inquire through the general contact form.