Simon Johns was glued to the television watching old black and white movies as a kid. He’d run around the house pretending to be a reporter with a piece of paper tucked into his hat. Simon’s mom bought him a Remington 5 when he was 12. If you hear a typewriter at your local coffee shop, Simon asks that you refrain from breaking his concentration. Creative types, am I right?

Tech Sense: Autonomous Vehicles

Remove the need for traffic lights, double yellow lines, speed limits, or bypasses. If we removed the elements of human error and blind spots, could we live in a world where our commutes are reduced to five minutes for every thirty minutes it would take a human driver?

Package Yourself For Success

While some companies have a dress code policy, others leave you to figure it out. So, how do you dress for the job you want without coming off as too old or too casual?

The Corner Store Musician

For these musicians, it is not about becoming a star or even famous. It is about making a living and continuing to make music.