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TMM Interview with Dr. Teresa T. Mercado

Dr. Teresa T. Mercado practices a full scope of general, cosmetic, and sedation dentistry at her practice, Monarch Dentistry of Gold Hill, in Fort Mill, SC. We sat down with her recently to learn more.

Edition 9 No.4

Health + Beauty edition with FEATURES on Saying No To A Nose Job, Vitamin Cure, Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin, Plant-Based Diets: Good For Immunity

Edition 9 No.3

Home Elevated edition with FEATURES on Designer Tricks Creating The Illusion Of Space, Burb Nation, Architecture Look To The Streets Not The Sky, Bed+Bath Design

Different Drinks Make You Different Drunk

A study linking different kinds of alcoholic drinks with different mood states were making the rounds recently. The research found that people attached different emotions to different alcoholic drinks. Find out if Different Drinks Make You Different Drunk.

Tastemakers of Drinks

TASTEMAKERS OF DRINKS, a special showcase on page 50, explores the ‘must-know’ local purveyors of cocktails. From Speakeasies and Distilleries to Pubs and Bistros, there is extraordinary creativity at the LOCAL level. So, raise your glass to the Drink Masters.

Edition 9 No.2

Apéritif edition with FEATURES on Different Drinks Make You Different Drunk, American Winemaking A Brief History, Wine Labels Crafting Narratives That Speak To Us, Top Ten Artful Apéritifs

Edition 9 No.1

Retrodyllic. FEATURES: Character – Self-Control and Social Influence, Backyard – The Mall Isn’t Dead: It’s Just Changing, Texture – Tourism: Taking A Different Path, Provisions – The Mushroom: A Nutritional Star

Edition 8 No.4

Flora Infused. FEATURES: Character – The Flower Effect on Men’s Dating, Backyard – Gentrification: Bring It, Texture – Humans: Year 2167, Provisions – Flora: On the Table

Edition 8 No.3

Decorum. FEATURES: Character – Living Single: It’s A Good Thing, Backyard – Foreign Language: Competency Through Emersion, Texture – Red: The Return Of A Classic, Provisions – Made With Grace: Southern Comfort Food Makeover

Edition 8 No.2

Backroads. FEATURES: Character – Nostalgia, Backyard – Good Dirt, Texture – Roadside Lodging, Provisions – Garden Party

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