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Edition 13 No.4

Nostalgia edition with FEATURES on Made with Grace: Southern Comfort Food Makeover, Nostalgia: Benefit or Trap, Winter Holiday Style, and the Southern Unwind: Hot Spiked Drinks.

Tailgating: Carolina Style

National Tailgating Day is the first Saturday in September, so prep your grill and your team jersey to kick off the season right. Carrying on with American traditions; I encourage you to bring it Carolina-style.

Edition 13 No.3

Staples Garden edition with FEATURES on Think LOCAL First, Suburban Homesteading: Fermenting and Canning, Tailgating: Carolina Style, and Sea to Table: A Rebirth of the American Fish.

Edition 13 No.2

Southern Garden edition with FEATURES on Welcome Bugs Into Your Garden, Enveloped By Hedge: A Private Southern Garden, For The Love Of Variegation, and Summer Fruits In The South.

Pop Up Market Coming To 118 Main

Shop locally sourced, locally crafted products in the heart of Fort Mill, SC. Explore historic downtown (breweries, eateries, and merchants) and go home with a unique handcrafted gift.

Edition 13 No.1

Art + Culture edition with FEATURES on Changing Morals: We’re More Compassionate Than 100 Years Ago, But More Judgmental Too, ArtPop Charlotte Class of 2022, Where You’re Born Influences the Person You Become

Set The Holiday Table For Making Memories

With the help of Blackhawk Hardware, here are some ideas for creating tablescapes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s to make your guests forget last year’s celebration in front of a computer screen.

The Science Of Gift Wrapping Explains Why Sloppy Is Better

They say appearances can be deceiving. In the case of gift-giving, they might be right. Results showed that expectations were significantly higher for the neatly wrapped gifts compared with sloppily wrapped ones. However, after the reveal, participants receiving the neatly wrapped gift reported that it failed to live up to their expectations, while those who got the sloppily wrapped gift said it surpassed their expectations.

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