A Christian and patriot, William Emerson is a small town boy who enjoys football and everything American. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.” - Philippians 2:3

Local Sense: Community Focused Stock Exchange

At a time when many communities are promoting buy-local campaigns, new local exchanges could serve as a focal point for local economic activity, as well as a branding tool for the region and its unique local enterprises.

Sea To Table: A Rebirth Of The American Fish

People are already creating ways for us to continue our love for seafood, while creating sustainable and regional supply chains. Technology, alliances, and awareness make a rebirth in the American fishing industry possible.


Largely associated with Prohibition Era distillers in the Appalachian mountains and its ties to the mob, people are surprised to learn that making moonshine is still mostly illegal in the United States.

Green Prosperity

Green prosperity is about sustainability in our environment, economy, and community. We must innovate with the environment in mind.


We create memories around food and when we share those experiences with others, we have a shared story. I propose that we resolve to start solving our problems over a meal and building community through food.


Following a bilateral mastectomy, reconstructive surgery and a grueling regimen of chemotherapy, Dana found herself on the path to create AnaOno.

Urban Undercover

Sairey started designing her own underwear because she couldn’t find any that were comfortable and stylish. Soon she founded UrbanUndercover.

Say Goodbye to the Kid’s Menu

Healthy eating starts at home, but all across the country there are apps, camps, and non-profits helping kids discover healthier eating habits and easier ways to cook. Empower your child to change your family’s eating habits.

Forte Legato Coffee Company

Forte Legato Coffee believes in total transparency from seed to cup. They not only promote farmers but they also reward them with fair compensation.

Stirred By Hand

Caramel made the old fashioned way using all natural, gluten free ingredients, one small batch at a time. Every batch is stirred by hand.