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Empowering Your Personal Finances

Make decisions that will ensure a healthy financial situation. Download the free book, Empowering Your Personal Finances and put your life back on track.

Finding the Strength to Reconnect

Marriage is hard work and staying happy in the relationship is even harder. Maybe it is time to recover and reconnect with yourself and your partner.

LOCALISM, We Before Me

Localism is the conscious and discerning act of buying. Is this product made in my town? Is the company locally owned and locally sourced?

Running Recovery

Where others have learned ways to handle stress, disappointment, or anger; the addict has learned to turn to their drug of choice to cope. The recovery process needs to address and change the learned behavior. Running can bring a new high.

Lost Art of Beekeeping

VIDEO: Our food depends on bees. If bees weren’t around, we wouldn’t have as many fruits or vegetables.

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