Handwritten Notes

handwritten notes

If there is no other reason to write someone a note, do it because it makes them feel good. In this day and age, even if you have nothing in particular to say, the sheer act of taking time to share your thoughts in writing is one of life’s utmost pleasantries. Letter writing today is a delicacy of tradition indicative of chivalry, style and proper manners.

Perhaps the most common type of handwritten note is one that says thank you. Communicate your gratitude concisely, but always in a personalized manner. If you are thanking someone for a gift, tell them how you are using it or where you keep the gift in your home. If you know the giver put thought into gifting you something special, articulate a visual image for them so they will know how the gift is being used.

Your handwriting should not only be legible, but neat. While men are granted a little more leniency here, all should place emphasis on quality penmanship. While a thank you note should bring delight to both the recipient and the author, I do feel thank you notes are obligatory. The quickest way to confuse graciousness with duty, however, is by way of a messy, depersonalized note.

Perhaps your note is a business matter. Writing a letter, particularly one requesting someone’s time, will elicit greater attention than an email or phone call. I once wrote a note to a widely-known and acclaimed fashion designer, just to say how much I enjoyed meeting her. When I saw her at a later event, she instantly greeted me with a warm hug and words of appreciation for my note. Handwritten notes leave a lasting impression.

Perhaps you are upset about something. The option of writing down your sentiment allows you to consider your thoughts more thoroughly and choose your words wisely. Be certain, however, this is how you feel beyond the heat of the moment; such words will remain on the soul forever.

Always be sure to write to your recent party host or hostess. Event planning is a lot of work, and regardless of whether or not the host had assistance, a significant amount of thought and time went into ensuring you had a good time. One of the most impressionable notes I ever witnessed was a friend who sent a thank you note to my parents after she attended my wedding. How brilliant! Let’s just be honest, my parents were the ones who needed to be thanked for such an exquisite evening for all.

No matter the purpose of your message, a charming handwritten note is the highest form of flattery. Purchasing high quality personalized cards is an easy way to commit your time to note writing. In the grand scheme of things, little money is spent sharing your sentiments, but the impression of gracious and civilized communication is engrained forever.


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