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    Lost Art of Beekeeping

    who keeps the beekeepers

    Real Food Media Contest

    2014 Winner

    Who Keeps the Beekeepers?

    Who knew that so much of the food we eat is dependent on bees? If bees weren't around, we wouldn't have as many fruits or vegetables. We might even lose some of our dairy products.


    Jason Kushner - director and editor

    Tim Powers - editor and sound

    Andrew Douglass - co-editor

    Brian Berry - original music

    Dave Hackenberg - beekeeper

    ​Dennis Van Engelsdorp - apiarist

    Diana Cox-Foster - scientist

    ​G.W. Hayes, Jr. - FL apiarist

    Dr. Jeff Pettis - USDA researcher​

    lost art of beekeeping bees
    beekeeper bees


    Learn more about how bees affect dairy.

    National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

    Rachel Boyer


    Former staff writer and photographer. Rachel graduated from Nation Ford High School. She runs her own freelance photography business.