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Now Open…New, Amenity-Rich, Maintenance-Free Senior Living

Highpoint at Fort Mill offers the convenience of smart technology plus personal connections; a wellness-based lifestyle alongside warm hospitality; and maintenance-free living with the promise of quality care if ever needed. Whether looking for independent living, assisted living or memory care, Highpoint is NOW OPEN as a place for you to live on your terms while feeling confident about all the possibilities tomorrow may hold.

IV Hydration is For Everyone

Hydration sessions are relaxing, calming experiences that take less than one hour and benefit literally everyone — athletes, frequent travelers, parents, those needing a boost to their immune system, sufferers of frequent headaches or anxiety, and more.

Smell·Sense And The Missing Pheromone

We have five senses and smell just may be the most powerful of them. It is through life experience that we learn what should smell good and what smells bad. Our sense of smell drives hunger, memory, emotions, and attraction.

Lost Art of Beekeeping

VIDEO: Our food depends on bees. If bees weren’t around, we wouldn’t have as many fruits or vegetables.

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