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Tech Sense: Autonomous Vehicles

Remove the need for traffic lights, double yellow lines, speed limits, or bypasses. If we removed the elements of human error and blind spots, could we live in a world where our commutes are reduced to five minutes for every thirty minutes it would take a human driver?

Local Sense: Community Focused Stock Exchange

At a time when many communities are promoting buy-local campaigns, new local exchanges could serve as a focal point for local economic activity, as well as a branding tool for the region and its unique local enterprises.

Smell·Sense And The Missing Pheromone

We have five senses and smell just may be the most powerful of them. It is through life experience that we learn what should smell good and what smells bad. Our sense of smell drives hunger, memory, emotions, and attraction.

Affecting Local Change: Making A Movement

We are interdependent. It is time to look in the eyes of our neighbors and decide if this is the place we want to be and how we want to live. It is time to create a ripple by learning more about the localist movement.

Be A Good Neighbor: Be A Localist

Buying from local entrepreneurs helps maintain a town’s unique flavor. Maintaining that unique culture starts with your actions and the way you strengthen or weaken the fabric of your town.

Sea To Table: A Rebirth Of The American Fish

People are already creating ways for us to continue our love for seafood, while creating sustainable and regional supply chains. Technology, alliances, and awareness make a rebirth in the American fishing industry possible.

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