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Package Yourself For Success

While some companies have a dress code policy, others leave you to figure it out. So, how do you dress for the job you want without coming off as too old or too casual?

The Old Neighborhood

This evolution can be seen today in three cities across the United States: Downtown Los Angeles, California; New Bedford, Massachusetts; and Winter Haven, Florida.

Finding the Strength to Reconnect

Marriage is hard work and staying happy in the relationship is even harder. Maybe it is time to recover and reconnect with yourself and your partner.


We create memories around food and when we share those experiences with others, we have a shared story. I propose that we resolve to start solving our problems over a meal and building community through food.

Urban Undercover

Sairey started designing her own underwear because she couldn’t find any that were comfortable and stylish. Soon she founded UrbanUndercover.

LOCALISM, We Before Me

Localism is the conscious and discerning act of buying. Is this product made in my town? Is the company locally owned and locally sourced?

French Inspired Fashion

French inspired fashion with The Mill Magazine, Neiman Marcus, DSBG, Joseph Bradley Photography, Whitley Hamlin, Dolce Lusso Salon, Samantha Mills.

My Story

A 44-year-old photographer from Fort Mill was diagnosed with Stage 3A triple negative breast cancer.