2022 Home Design Trends and Predictions

The holiday season is approaching, meaning 2022 is right around the corner. While you get your home ready for hosting, cooking, and wrapping, it’s a great time to start thinking about what interior design trends will be popular next year. The following predictions are part of what you can expect to see in the home design space in 2022.

70s Retro Style

It is often that interior design trends follow fashion trends. In this case, a nostalgic and blast from the past vibe will come about in ‘22 as old 70s trends come back in style. Do you remember seeing a velvet couch or quirky, shag carpet in either your parent’s or your grandparent’s home when you were a child? Come January, you will be wishing you held on to their rattan furniture and other timeless pieces boasting pops of funky colors such as earthy greens, burnt oranges, and warm neutrals. Decorilla says to take a look around your local flea market because that’s where you may find the 70s and retro, hidden treasure.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design simply means incorporating nature into an indoor living environment. This trend stems from the home gardening hobby that launched during quarantine conditions. From fiddle leaf figs to monstera and all plants in between, people have developed a green thumb that is believed to continue into 2022. Not only do plants and their many hues of green look great in most interiors, but they also encourage a feeling of peace by combining living spaces with the calm of nature. Indecortrends says many find creating an ‘urban jungle’ to be a fun hobby, but the hardest part of incorporating this trend is keeping the plants alive and healthy.

Inspiration from Nature

In addition to seeing more plants in interiors in 2022,  we will also see more natural materials and textures. Materials such as onyx, marble, granite, and wood will be found more often, particularly in furniture and decorations. Indecortrends says pieces with these materials will be used best as statement pieces. Light-colored wood and textiles such as linen and cotton will also be on the rise. Combined, they will hone in on the design and help to create a coziness throughout the spaces.  

Multifunctional Spaces

Having spaces that serve multiple purposes is a direct result of the rise of working from home and residents spending more time within the household. For example, Wallsauce predicts even more tight and unexpected places will turn into usable spaces, such as offices, rather than just turning a kitchen table into a workspace. In addition to utilizing nooks and crannies of the home, you can also section off certain areas by using a bold or fun wall mural. This not only helps give the space a nice pop, but by clearly defining these spaces, it will also help the brain know when it’s time to ‘turn off’ which can be challenging while working from home.

We hope that compiling these future designs will help you to reimagine and recreate spaces. If you need help or someone to talk through an idea to, feel free to reach out to a Helen Adams Realty agent for inspiration.

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