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Let The Merriment Begin: An Anthropologist Explains Why We Love Holiday Rituals And Traditions

There are plenty of reasons to value family holiday traditions. Research shows that they can provide various psychological benefits, helping us enjoy ourselves, connect with loved ones, and take a respite from the daily grind.


Set The Holiday Table For Making Memories

With the help of Blackhawk Hardware, here are some ideas for creating tablescapes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s to make your guests forget last year’s celebration in front of a computer screen.


The Science Of Gift Wrapping Explains Why Sloppy Is Better

They say appearances can be deceiving. In the case of gift-giving, they might be right. Results showed that expectations were significantly higher for the neatly wrapped gifts compared with sloppily wrapped ones. However, after the reveal, participants receiving the neatly wrapped gift reported that it failed to live up to their expectations, while those who got the sloppily wrapped gift said it surpassed their expectations.